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Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Council is a group of students elected to represent students of Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University in a legal and official manner with the aim of developing leadership skills and enhancing their participation in decision making, which in turn will enhance the academic process as well as the various services provided by the University. In addition, the Council is committed to achieve its objectives in accordance with the regulations, provisions and laws applicable at the University.


The Council’s Objectives:

1.    Participate in building and developing the integrated personality of the student nationally, socially and culturally in accordance with principles of Islamic Sharia.

2.    Develop the spirit of leadership among students and give them the opportunity to express their views in responsible manner.

3.    Raise students’ awareness of their rights and duties according to the applicable regulations at the University.

4.    Pay due concern to students' issues and conduct the required follow-up as well as working on solving problems in collaboration with the university administration.

5.    Provide a healthy atmosphere for dialogue and respect for opinion and adverse opinion.

6.    Promote the spirit of cooperation and teamwork concept among students.

7.    Support, upgrade, and promote cultural, scientific, social and sports activities as well as raising their efficiency.

8.    Motivate students to make a real and effective contribution to planning and organization of everything relative to their affairs and their studies–related affairs.

9.     Collaborate with the University in developing student services as per the actual needs.

10.                Build stronger and closer ties between students as well as members of the educational and administrative staff at the university.


The Student Advisory Council consists of:

1.    President of the Council.

2.    Vice-President.

3.    Secretary.

4.    Members.

There should be a balance between the number of the council members on one hand, and the number of students registered in each college, on the other hand.


Nomination Conditions for Student Advisory Council Membership:

The student who wishes to run for membership of the Council as (president, Vice-president, secretary, or a member) must meet the following conditions:

1.    The student must be enrolled in bachelor or diploma program at the college she will run for.

2.    The applicant must have been admitted to the university for two semesters.

3.    The student shall have at least two semesters remaining before graduation.

4.    She must be of good behavior and conduct, and has not undergone any disciplinary penalty.

5.    Student’s cumulative GPA in the semester should not be less than 3.50 out of 5.00.

6.    Possess good communication skills and teamwork spirit.

7.    Demonstrate active participation in extra-curricular student activities as well as voluntary work.

Every student registered at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University who meets the above conditions is entitled to run for elections of the Council.


The Executive Committee for electing members of Student Advisory Council:

Dean of Students' Affairs chairs the Executive Committee for Student Advisory Council Elections and such committee is formed by a resolution of rector of the university upon a recommendation of Dean of Students' Affairs at least three months before the scheduled date of election.


Controls of election for Student Advisory Council:

·        Every single student registered at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University in the bachelor program is eligible to participate in the polling process.

·        The voter shall not vote more than once in a single electoral constituency while delegation is not allowed.


Meetings of the Council:

·        The Advisory Council shall hold its regular meetings once a month, and there is a room for emergency session to be held if necessary. The Secretary and President of the Council shall prepare for the meeting and proceed with inviting all members. All members shall be communicated of the meeting at least one week before it for regular meetings and two days for extraordinary meetings at least provided that such invitation shall include meeting agenda.

·        The meeting of the Student Advisory Council shall be valid as per the attendance of two thirds of the members and recommendations shall be issued by absolute majority, and if the votes are equally pided, the side of the president shall prevail.


Duration of Student Advisory Council:

The term of office of the Council shall be two academic years after which new elections shall be held.


Roles and Powers of Student Advisory Council’s members:

The President:

·        Represent the Council before the responsible authorities within the university.

·        Call for Council meetings convention.

·        Identify the topics to be presented to the Council.

·        Chair meetings of the Council.

·        Distribute tasks to members of the Council.

·        Coordinate for implementing group activities and continuous communication with members to find solutions to all issues.

·        Sign correspondence and documents issued by the Council after being approved by Dean of Students' Affairs.

The Vice-President:

·        Act on behalf of the president in her absence or to be officially delegated by the president.

·         Assist the President and carry out the tasks assigned to her by the President of the Council.

The Secretary:

·        Send notifications of the Council meetings.

·        Present the topics submitted by the members to President of the Council, and prepare the agenda of the Council according to the directives of the President.

·        Edit minutes of meetings, follow-up of members' signing on the same, as well as organizing correspondence of the Council in special records.

·        Receive correspondence delivered under name of the Council and maintaining documents and instruments.

·        Maintain permanent records of the Council members' details, including schedules of meetings attendance and signing on them.

·        Follow-up recommendations of the Council after its approval by H.E. Rector of the University.

·        Prepare the Council's financial report.

·        Perform any other tasks assigned by President of the Council.

Members of the Council:

·        Represent the college officially and speak on behalf of the students in meetings.

·        Attend and participate actively in all meetings of the Council.

·        Promote programs and events throughout the campus.

·        Present the topics to the secretary, who in turn will submit it to the Council.

The University may provide remunerations to the distinguished members of the Advisory Council at the end of each semester that are to be identified by Dean of Students' Affairs provided such bonus does not exceed SR (500) “five hundred Saudi Riyals per month”. However, the student may not combine between membership of the Council and students employment.


Should you have any inquiries regarding Student Advisory Council, kindly contact us via email: DSA-ASA@PNU.EDU.SA