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Protection of Students' Rights Unit

This Unit aims to educate students about their duties and rights and protect them in accordance with the regulations and rules of the University.



·        Raise the awareness of the students of Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University and all members of the educational and administrative staff of the rights and obligations of university students.

·        Provide the necessary legal consultations for the students and enlighten them about their university rights.

·        Educate the students on how to obtain their rights through resorting to the official bodies within the university, under the rules and regulations in force in the university, and in accordance with the powers of the committees set forth.

·        Support the rights of students based on criteria that are consistent with the approved regulations and rules and in a manner that does not contravene with them.

·        Develop the culture of justice and fairness among students and university staff.


Functions of the Unit:

·        Administrative supervision of the work of subcommittees in colleges and institutes and the issuance of recommendations and decisions governing the work of those departments.

·        Consider and investigate the complaints referred to it by the Rector for the privacy, confidentiality and exceptional circumstances they may contain.

·        Consider and settle the complaints referred to it by subcommittees in colleges and institutes.

·        Issues or powers referred to the Committee by the Rector or Vice-Rector for Academic Support and Student Services.

·        The Unit consists of a permanent committee to settle disputes and complaints of students, and sub-committees of a unit in each college or institute of the University.


Functions of Sub-Committees:

·        Provide legal counseling for students and raise their awareness of their university rights and obligations.

·        Receive complaints from students regarding academic and non-academic problems that may occur to the student at the university.

·        Consider and investigate complaints submitted to it and make reasonable efforts to reach an amicable settlement. In the case of a friendly settlement, a memorandum of opinion shall be made and approved by the Chairperson of the Standing Committee. In case of failure of the amicable settlement, the Sub-Committee shall consider and verify the complaints submitted after hearing the concerned persons and prepare a memorandum of legal opinion thereon.


Mechanism of Complaint Submission to Sub-Committees:

·        The complaint shall be submitted on the ad hoc form at the headquarters of the Sub-Committee، provided that the form is filled with the necessary accuracy and clarity and take the signature of the student.

·        The student should identify the subject of her complaint accurately and attach the documents and evidence proving her right, and provide the student with a receipt indicating the receipt of her complaint.

·        The Committee has the right to request the member against which the complaint is made to respond in writing to the complaint within five days from the date of notifying the direct chairperson of the employee against which the complaint is made without being obliged to appear before the Committee. Acceptance of the respondent shall be deemed an acknowledgment of what is contained in the complaint.

·        In no case shall the student file a complaint or grievance after (30) days from the date of the occurrence of the incident in question, and the student may not file a complaint for the same incident more than once or to more than one body at the university.


If you have any inquiries about the Protection of Students' Rights unit, please contact us via Email: DSA_USR@PNU.EDU.SA.

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