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Psychological and Social Counseling Unit

The Psychological and Social Counseling Unit is affiliated to the Student Guidance and Counseling Vice-Rectorate of Deanship of Students' Affairs. It seeks to improve both the psychological and social harmony of students and help them overcome the pressures that may obstruct their march in the university environment.


Services provided by the Unit:

1.    Provide psychological and social counseling services to students through the guidance and counseling offices in all colleges of the university, which include a qualified group of social workers and psychologists.

2.    Study the cases of students who apply to benefit from the service of grants and loans.

3.    Help students to develop their personalities through conducting some training courses.

4.    Modify some of the wrong behaviors of students through rehabilitation and therapeutic sessions.

5.    Issue informative leaflets on the role of social and psychological counseling.


Support Center for Students with Special Needs (Comprehensive Access Program)

This center is dedicated to serve the university students with special needs, through providing comprehensive and integrated quality services for them, and employing all human and material resources to integrate them into society and meet their needs in university education, to become active members in all fields.


Objectives of the Center:

·        Identify the problems of students with special needs, in order to find appropriate ways and means to overcome them.

·        Adapt students of this group, prepare them psychologically and socially, and provide all means of support and advice to support them to integrate into university life and society.

·        Activate the participation of students in cultural and sports activities at the university and outside.

·        Discover talented students with special needs and develop their talents in cooperation with the competent authorities at the university level and the relevant national institutions.

·        Secure the convenient environment for this category by providing the appropriate support of their various services and means.

·        Implement the integration of this group in the best possible way, academically and socially, to ensure that they adapt to the university environment, and positive engagement in various programs, activities and services available.

·        Coordinate with the competent authorities in the university to achieve the above objectives.


Functions of the Center:

1.    Create a database for students with special needs.

2.    Develop and implement counseling and guidance programs for students with special needs.

3.    Provide appropriate services for students with special needs in accordance with each case.

4.    Build and develop cooperation between the center and colleges and university departments and international centers and universities in order to invest all human and material resources to meet their needs in university education.

5.    Provide devices and tools, and provide suggestions and alternatives that will create a suitable university environment for them.

6.    Raise the level of awareness of the university community with all its members about the needs and potentials of this group.

7.    Benefit from local, Arab and international experiences in the field of services provided to them.

8.    Issue periodic reports of the Center's work in the service of this group of students.


Target Group:

All members with special needs (student, faculty member or administrative staff) at Princess Nourah University.



The center is located in the ground floor of College of Education and can be reached through A6 station.



For any inquiries about the Center, please contact: CE-DEC@PNU.EDU.SA


Najah Center

The Center aims to develop the students' abilities and hone their university skills through a distinct range of programs and courses, in order to empower them and facilitate their competition in the labor market.


Objectives of the Center:

·        Develop the abilities and skills of students scientifically, culturally, administratively, technically and socially to help them with the rapid integration with society and qualify them for the labor market through training courses.

·        Document the efforts of students in qualifying themselves and developing their personal abilities and skills during their university study through the Skills Register.

·        Achieve the highest satisfaction rates for the work sectors and institutions about the skills of the graduates of Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University.


Functions of the Center:

1.    Provide outstanding training for university students in the field of self-development, professional qualification, computer and languages.

2.    Prepare and design accredited training programs through a distinguished group of trainers.

3.    Attract accredited trainers locally and internationally.

4.    Study the training needs to develop training plans and measure the quality of outputs.

5.    Organize forums and exhibitions that contribute to the training development and professional qualification.


You can contact the center through e-mail: DSA-SSI-STS@PNU.EDU.SA


Future Leaders Center

This Center was established to build a platform for developing leadership capabilities and creating knowledge among students. And based on the belief that achieving comprehensive development on the economic and social levels requires the need to develop the administrative leadership of the students to be able to assume national responsibility, and to contribute to the building of a distinguished generation of future leaders.


Objectives of the Center:

·        Provide students with leadership skills through training programs that are tailored to their needs, and offered by leading organizations and distinguished leaders in this field.

·        Develop professional and personal skills for students.

·        Build a strong and effective network of students and graduates who constitute a distinguished generation of the most competent leaders in the future.


Functions of the Center:

1.    Create a database of candidate students for leadership development programs.

2.    Provide outstanding training for university students on developing leadership, managerial, personal and communication skills.

3.    Establish partnerships of pioneering leadership-training centers around the world to design and implement these programs in accordance with the latest standards.

4.    Learn about the latest management and leadership practices at the local and international levels.

5.    Form a strong network for knowledge transfer between the students of Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University and women leaders in various governmental and private sectors.

6.    Assign the program students with tasks that allow them opportunities to develop through hands-on experiences.


You can contact the Center via e-mail: DSA-SSI-STS@PNU.EDU.SA 

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