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Student Trips

It is an official visit to a group of university students to academic institutions inside or outside the Kingdom, in order to enrich their scientific and practical experience.


Types of Student Trips:

·        Academic trips: it means trips organized by the University for students in order to support their specialized scientific skills.

·        Training trips: it means trips organized by the University for Students to support their personal and leadership skills.


Objectives of Student Trips:

·        Encourage outstanding students to develop their life experiences through scientific and practical practice.

·        Refine the students’ educational skills and experiences, and achieve effective communication and collective interaction between students on the one hand and between them and their counterparts in other universities on the other.

·        Support the theoretical side with field studies, and provide students with scientific expertise to upgrade their efficiency, effectiveness and professional skills.

·        Provide the opportunity for outstanding students to represent the University in conferences, seminars, festivals and cultural and scientific meetings at the domestic and international levels.

·        Raise the awareness of students about the cultural, historical, tourism and developmental value of other countries.

·        Achieve fun and recreation for students within the framework of legal, educational and scientific controls.


Conditions for Student Participation in Student Trips:

·        The student should be registered in one of the University colleges.

·        When participating in a work sheet or innovation, participation should be in the name of the student and Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University in writing.

·        No disciplinary action has been made against her.

·        The student has not participated in student trips that have taken place in previous years.

·        The student shall have a valid passport.

·        The student must obtain the written consent from her guardian, as well as notifying the guardian of the destination, time, program, objectives, and supervisors.

·        The student shall abide by the instructions and regulations of the student trip. The Deanship of Students’ Affairs shall have the right to investigate them in case of violation and impose penalties as follows:

a.    Oral warning.

b.   Written warning.

c.    Denial of participation in future trips and student conferences.

d.   Disciplinary actions that determined by the Permanent Disciplinary Committee according to the type of violation.


General controls of student trips:

·        The means of transport should be safe and the supervisors must accompany the students in all means of transport.

·        The number of supervisors on the trip should be one supervisor for every ten students. In the case of unavailability of the required number of supervisors, the trip shall be cancelled.

·        It is strictly forbidden to go to areas where students may be at risk, such as political conflicts areas or areas where epidemic diseases or natural disasters of all kinds may occur, in order to ensure the safety and security of students.

·        Participation of the supervisors on the trip in all events in time and place.

·        Adherence to Sharia rules and regulations of the Kingdom and the prevailing social norms and commitment to public morals and the regulations of the host entity.

·        Commitment to the program prepared in advance of the trip and the use of means of transport allocated by the host entity.

·        Wearing Islamic headscarf and modest clothing throughout the trip.

·        Accept all instructions given by the supervisor accompanying the trip.


The priority in academic trips shall be given to students who excel in specialization who have obtained a GPA of (4 out of 5) and above. Preference shall be given to participants in extracurricular activities in case the trips belong to training programs.


In case of any queries about student trips, kindly contact via email: DSA_ASA@PNU.EDU.SA

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