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Services of the E-services Portal

First: Services provided by the Student Services Agency:
The Agency provides the following services through the e-services portal:
1.    Medical Inquiry (Form attached):
The student should fill out a medical inquiry form so that she can obtain a report from a hospital, clinic or medical center.
2.    Certificate of enrollment (Form attached):
The student should fill out an enrollment form stating that she is a student of Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University.
3.    Certificate of enrollment for field training (Form attached):
The student should fill out a certificate of enrollment for field training.
Second: The electronic registration service for student housing:
1.    Medical examination:
The student will go to a hospital or medical center for a medical examination according to a specific form and it takes one to three weeks.
2.    Written consent of the guardian:
The student's guardian signs the form and is documented by the employer, police or governor.
3.    University housing application form:
The student fills out an electronic form with all the data required.
Third: The electronic checkout service from University housing.
This is done through the submission of an exit request by the student in the University housing and the approval of the application is done electronically by the building supervisor.