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Student Clubs

Student Clubs are student-related organizations that host student activities and are established under the supervision of Vice-Rectorate of Student Activities and a resolution by Dean of Students' Affairs, with the aim of discovering and developing students’ talents, as well as providing the opportunity to communicate with pioneers of these activities within the university and other universities.


Objectives of Student Clubs and student associations:

·        Develop and encourage cultural, scientific, social, health, artistic and recreational activities among students for the benefit of the university and society alike.

·        Support the specialized academic aspects through development of scientific and practical thought, as well as linking the theoretical aspects to practical life and training in field of specialization.

·        Develop and promote talents and hobbies.

·        Invest students’ leisure time in exercise of various activities and services to equip them with the skills, experience and knowledge that assist in formation and demonstrating the integrated good personality of university student based upon the tolerant Islamic faith.

·        Develop the spirit of cooperation and voluntary tendencies among university students.

·        Strengthen the relationship between students and faculty members, which in turn helps to improve the academic process as well as improving the academic level of students.

·        Participate in various events internally and externally, and thus boosting exchange of experiences.

·        Provide the chance for students to take responsibility for planning, implementation, follow-up and evaluation of various activities.


Types of student clubs and associations:

1.    Specialized Clubs (associations) that are interested in developing scientific and practical thought of students, as well as providing them with managerial and leadership skills through establishment of specialized events, such as organizing practical workshops and training courses that link the theoretical and academic aspect to practical life, to develop graduates who are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in their majors.

2.    Clubs of Talents and Skills that are interested in discovering talents, and investing in the potentials of students. As well as developing their various skills and working on its development and strengthening the bonds between students and university employees.

3.    Public Clubs that are concerned with raising awareness in a manner that serves university students as well as the local community and promoting values and spirit of citizenship, in addition to spreading spirit of cooperation among the students and providing all that develop and upgrade their personalities.


Controls of formation of student clubs and associations:

·        The student clubs and associations are established as needed and according to perspectives of Deanship of Students' Affairs as per a resolution of competent person.

·        The body that is desirous to establish the student club/ association shall fill the form designated for establishment of the club or association. While the Vice–Rectorate of Students' Affairs investigates it and obtains approval by Dean of Students' Affairs.

·        Name of student club/association may not be changed after being approved, unless the approval of Dean of Students' Affairs is obtained.

·        Under no circumstances, the number of members of student club/association in establishment phase should not be less than (30) thirty students. The student club or association may include any number of students regularly enrolled in the university provided that number of members at any time shall not be less than the number of the founders.

·        The activity of the student club/association may be suspended as per a resolution of Dean of Students' Affairs if the objectives of their establishment are not fulfilled, or due to perpetrating clear violations of the regulations in force at the university and failing in complying with controls of student activities.

·        Cooperation with the relevant authorities in implementation of programs of common concern may be done through direct coordination with Deanship of Students' Affairs.

·        The student clubs/associations at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University may not engage in any activity outside the university without obtaining prior written approval of Dean of Students' Affairs and in case of doing otherwise, its activity will be suspended and the relative membership is to be cancelled for full academic year.


Formation of the student club/association:

The Club consists of:

·        Supervisor (faculty member).

·         Club President, Vice-President and members (students).


Nomination requirements for presidency of the student club/association:

A student who is running for presidency of the student club/association shall meet the following requirements:

1.    The student should be registered on regular basis at a college of the University.

2.    The student shall be enrolled in the university for two semesters.

3.    The G.P.A of the applicant should not be less than (3.00) out of (5.00).

4.    The applicant must be of good behavior and conduct and has not undergone to any disciplinary penalty.

5.    Have at least one-year experience in field of student activities.

6.    The student is not permitted to run for presidency of more than one student club or association.

7.    The student should not be affiliated to any other student program within the university, such as (Student Partnership or Student Advisory Council).

8.    The term of presidency shall be one academic year, after which new elections are to be held.


Mechanism for electing student club/association president:

1.    Supervisor of the student club/association shall act on behalf of the president until the president is elected.

2.    Nominations for the office of president and vice-president shall be opened within (30) days from the beginning of the first semester.

3.    Applicant who is willing to run for presidency of the student club/ association and meets nomination requirements shall fill in the relevant form, a summary of the objectives and work plan as well as submitting them to the supervisor of the student club/ association.

4.    The President is elected based on the voting of members of the student club/association after sorting candidature forms and identifying the candidates.


Mechanism for electing student club/association vice-president:

1.    The candidate who has the second position of votes shall be elected as vice-president of the student club/association.

2.    The student must meet all the conditions required by the president.


Mechanism for electing members of the student club and association:

1.     President of the student club or the association or their representatives shall announce the commencement of club membership within the first four weeks of the beginning of the semester - excluding the summer semester - and then the registration for membership shall be closed.

2.     Students desirous to obtain membership must fill in the membership form with management of the club or association.

3.     The president or her representative shall submit the membership form and lists to club supervisor within three days of the date of closing membership, after assuring that candidates meet requirements of membership.

4.     The president prepares membership lists and a database, including student's name, university number, college, specialization, e-mail and mobile number.

5.     The student is entitled to participate in the membership of a maximum of three clubs, provided that she is not an administrative member except in one of these clubs.


Nomination requirements for membership of the student club and association:

1.    The student should be enrolled in one of colleges of the university.

2.    She must be of good behavior and conduct and has not undergone any disciplinary penalty.

3.    Renewal of membership annually.

4.    Filling in the membership application form.


Golden Club Award:

It is an annual award presented at the closing ceremony of the distinguished activities of the student club/association based on special criteria for evaluation.

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