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Student Clubs for year 1441-1442H

The clubs are considered a scientific, cultural, social, sports  and entertainment center to discover and develop the talents of students and provide effective opportunities for communication with local and foreign universities.




  • Enhancing different students' talents and connecting them to the Kingdom Vision 2030 and sustainable development goals.
  • Promoting Islamic and national identity.
  • Developing the leadership personality of students and encourage them to make decisions.
  • Empowerment of social responsibility.
  • Promoting the values of mediocrity, determination and perseverance.
  • Supporting academic specialization by linking theoretical aspects to working life and specialized training.
  • Investing students' leisure time in various activities and services, skills, experience and knowledge.
    Types of Student Clubs:
  1. Specialized Clubs: they are concerned with developing the scientific and practical thinking of students and supporting them with decision-making and management skills by establishing expert events, linking theoretical and academic aspects to working life.


  1. General Clubs: they are concerned with the discovery of ability, the investment of the potential of students, the growth of their numerous abilities and talents, the upgrade of a culture of innovation and invention, the promotion of awareness in all aspects of society, the promotion of ethics and morals as well as the promotion of teamwork among students.



The Vice-Rectorate of Student Activities oversees the specialized clubs and they are as follows:


College of ArtsArts Club
College of EducationEducation Club
College of ScienceScience Club
College of Business AdministrationBusiness Administration Club
College of Computer and Information SciencesComputer Club
College of LanguagesLanguages Club
College of Arts and DesignThe Art Club
College of MedicineMedicine Club
College of DentistryDentistry Club
College of PharmacyPharmacy Club
College of Health and Rehabilitation SciencesHealth and Rehabilitation Sciences Club
College of NursingNursing Club
College of Social WorkSocial Work Club
College of CommunityCommunity Club
College of EngineeringEngineering Club
Deanship of Community Service and Continuity EducationNorah Alata'aVolunteer Club
Preparatory YearPreparatory Year Club
Arabic Language Teaching Institute for Non-Arabic SpeakersCultures and Peoples Club
English Language InstituteIthraa English Language Club




The Vice-Rectorate of Student Activities also oversees the general clubs and they are:



Nazahah ClubThe aim of the club is to promote a culture of integrity, combat corruption, develop self-censorship among University students and organize seminars, and workshops that serve and promote this purpose
Speech and Drama ClubIt aims at enhancing students' various literary talents (writing, recitation, acting) and developing them in the production of theatrical works targeting the University and society.
Nibras ClubThe aim of this club is to achieve complementarity, effectiveness and quality in the prevention of the use of narcotic drugs and substances.
Female Student Housing ClubThe aim is to support and promote belonging so as to contribute to the positive interaction of female students inside and outside the dormitory.
Reading ClubBuilding a reading, educated and conscious University community by disseminating and encouraging reading culture among students.
Values ClubTo link the student to the teachings of the Holy Quraan and to the prophetic Sunnis, which are honest on the correct advocacy approach, characterized by mediocrity, compassion and moderation.
Dialogue ClubSpreading the culture of dialogue among students of Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University according to various and correct methods that enable them to activate them in the fields of life.
Ibda'a Club

This club supports and encourages students to gain access to the highest degree of creativity in the execution, display and marketing of their manual production to enable them to take the lead in the labor market.


Friends of Nature Club

This club is concerned about creating an environmentally friendly society that contributes to the transformation of nature's cultures into real practices for sustainable development of the environment in the Kingdom.


Riyally Entrepreneurship ClubThis club seeks to promote a culture of financial independence among students and to establish the concept of self-employment by offering entrepreneurship programs.
Manaret Nourah Journalist ClubDeveloping the skills of students in the preparation of electronic periodicals covering various scientific and cultural fields.
Research and innovation ClubThis club seeks to produce a cadre of female health researchers and inventors in a manner consistent with global requirements and standards.
2030 Vision ClubThis club seeks to build a student society that will contribute to the Kingdom's Vision 2030.



  • Golden Club Award:
    In order to motivate clubs to perform their best, an annual award is given to the outstanding student club based on certain criteria through which it is evaluated, and the award is presented at the closing ceremony.
    Controls of formation of student clubs:
  1. The clubs are established when there is a need for a new club to serve a special goal that should be approved of  by the Deanship of Student Affairs, by decision of authorized personnel.
  2. The entity that desires to establish the club fills out the form and the Vice-Rectorate shall approve the application.
  3. A student club may not be renamed after establishment except after the Dean's approval.
  4. The student club must have at least 30 students at the establishment stage. The student club may have any number of students enrolled in the University, provided that the number of members at any one time is not less than the number of founders.
  5. The activity of the student club may be suspended by decision of the Dean of Student Affairs if it fails to achieve its objectives, or if it expressly violates the University's regulations and fails to comply with the regulations of the Student Activities Unit.
  6. Cooperation with relevant agencies in the operation of joint programs may be undertaken through direct coordination with the Deanship of Student Affairs.
  7. The student clubs of Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University may not engage in any activity outside the University without taking the written consent of the Dean of Student Affairs. Otherwise, their membership shall be suspended for a full academic year.



Formation of the student club:

The Club consists of:

  •        Supervisor (faculty member).
  •        Club President, Vice-President and members (students).
    Nomination requirements for presidency of the student club:
    A student who is running for presidency of the student club must meet the following requirements:
    1.    The student should be enrolled full time at a college in the University.
    2.    The student shall be enrolled in the University for two semesters.
    3.    The G.P.A of the applicant should not be less than (3.00) out of (5.00).
    4.    The applicant must be of good behavior and conduct. She also should not have undergone any disciplinary penalty.
    5.    Have at least one-year experience in the field of student activities.
    6.    The student is not permitted to run for presidency of more than one student club.
    7.    The student should not be affiliated to any other student program within the University, such as (Student Partnership or Student Advisory Council).
    8.    The term of presidency shall be one academic year, after which new elections are to be held.
    Mechanism for electing student club president:
    1.    Supervisor of the student club shall act on behalf of the president until the president is elected.
    2.    Nominations for the office of president and vice-president shall be opened within (30) days of the beginning of the first semester.
    3.    Applicants who are willing to run for presidency of the student club and meet nomination requirements shall fill in the relevant form, a summary of the objectives and submit a work plan as well as submitting them to the supervisor of the student club.
    4.    The President is elected based on the voting of members of the student club after sorting candidature forms and identifying the candidates.
    Mechanism for electing student club vice-president:
    1.    The candidate who has the second position of votes is elected as vice-president of the student club.
    2.    The student must meet all the conditions required by the president.
    Mechanism for electing members of the student club:
    1.     The head of the student club or their representatives are the ones to announce the inauguration of club membership within the first four weeks of the beginning of the semester - excluding the summer semester - and then the registration for membership shall be closed.
    2.     Students who wish to obtain membership must fill in the membership form at the management of the club.
    3.     The president or her representative shall submit the membership form to club supervisor within three days of the date of closing membership, after assuring that candidates meet requirements of membership.
    4.     The president prepares membership lists and a database, including student's name, University number, college, specialization, e-mail and mobile number.
    5.     The student is entitled to participate in the membership of a maximum of three clubs, provided that she is not an administrative member except in one of these clubs.
    Nomination requirements for membership of the student club:
    1.    The student should be enrolled in one of the University's colleges.
    2.    She must be of good behavior and conduct and has not undergone any disciplinary penalty.
    3.    Renewal of membership annually.

4.    Filling in the membership application form.