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Predatory and Hijacked Journals

It is your responsibility to check that your journal selection is in reputable journal. 

​Do Not fall victim to Predatory and Hijacked Journals

What are they:

  • - False and fake Journals.
  • - Imitation of reputable Journals.
  • - ISSN is hijacked.
  • - Always they ask for authors Fees and sometimes is high.
  • - Promise Rapid acceptance and publication.
  • - Editorial Board is Fake.
  • - No quality check, and no plagiarism checks or ethical approval.
  • - No definite peer-review process and publications policy.

Where to find Predatory and hijacked Journal

Signs and alarms:

  • - Be alert for Rapid Acceptance Always
  • - Look into the journal ISSN- false or missing dash (-)
  • - Check the Journal website thoroughly and verify it in WOS-JCR
  • - Check the journal Editorial Board and contact information
  • - Check random article title and search on WOS
  • - ​Read through past issues of the journal