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​​​As geography has the ability to understand community problems and issues and aid in solving them, our department become a necessity. It is an applied science and one of the oldest departments in the College of Arts. We provide a standing contribution to the community that serves the community in more realistically and effectively methods by our latest developed technologies in the field of researching, analyzing, in-field studies, remote sensing techniques and geographical information systems.

We aim to achieve the objectives of the development plans of the Vision 2030, as well as enhance skills, sciences and gain the academic accreditation; thus we develop the curricula and plans. As we believe in the national, community and market need of this department and according to the vision and mission of the department, we equip our students with all skills and experiences they need to meet professions opportunities.

The department also aims to contribute to the development of the scientific movement and scientific research in the environmental issues that all governmental and private institutions and departments need.


Head of the Geography Department

د. مها بنت عبدالله الضبيحي

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