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Throughout the years, our department has gone through many huge improvements as it tries to keep up with all of this modern age of technology in the world and society, where information is priceless. Libraries and information centers turn from traditional to the modern electronic virtual methods by relying on the latest electronic systems in offering and serving the clients. The librarian's tasks have been changed from the traditional tasks of going between library shelving and books to become an information specialist dealing with information in a digital environment, going through the internet websites to get that information which the clients need in the shortest time and with the least effort.  

So as to be responsible toward our profession and community, we, the Libraries and Information Department, have changed our program and developed the curricula to meet the new age requirements. We aim to graduate students with a high quality of knowledge and information, to be able to deal professionally with research, and to collect, organize, analyze, produce and recover information.

As this age is a challenging age, we encourage our students to develop their skills and get the most benefit out of the technology, as information now is reachable, as well as making the most of their learning interaction and experiences so that they acquire the 21st century skills to make their impact.

​Head of the Library and Information Department

Dr.Fawziah Alghamdi​

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