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BA Degree Program in Digital Journalism

About the Program:
Through a creative educational environment, the digital journalism program aims to prepare scientifically, skillfully, and academically competent specialists in the field of digital journalism with an interest in promoting ethics in journalistic work and community service.
Admission Requirements: 

1-      The student achieves a high school certificate from a Saudi school or an equalized one.

2-      The high school graduation year should not exceed 5 years.

3-      The student must be medically fit.

4-      The student must meet any acceptance criteria announced or set by the University's Board during the application process.

5-      The student must not be registered, accepted, dismissed for dciplinary action, or has previously obtained a bachelor's degree from any public or private university in Saudi Arabia. If proven otherwise, the university may cancel the acceptance.

Required Documents:

1-      High school certificate and four copies of it, along with the high school academic transcript, if any.

2-      Two copies of the student's family id card or national id card.

3-      The acceptance notice printed and signed for approval by her parent, from the e-unified admission portal.

4-      For non-Saudi students of Saudi mothers, in addition to the above-mentioned documents, a copy of her national iqama card, passport, and birth certificate, as well as her mother's national id card.

Teaching Methods:


Lectures, cooperative learning, brainstorming, discussions, presentations, and self-learning.

Cognitive skills:

1-      Cooperative Education.

2-      Discussion and dialogue.

3-      Problem Solving.


1-      Cooperative Education.

2-      Group activities.

3-      Role playing.

4-      Problem Solving.

5-      E-learning.

6-      Video and PowerPoint presentations.

Career Opportunities:

1-      Journalistic researcher.

2-      Journalistic editor.

3-      Journalistic director.

4-      Electronic content supervisor.

5-      News editor.

6-      Electronic content writer.

7-      News reporter.

Curriculum Study Plan: 
Click here to view the study plan Jurnalism study plan.pdf