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The first women's scientific society in the Kingdom "The Saudi Scientific Society for Islamic Studies (Al-Husna).
The first Saudi master's program in computational linguistics.

At the university level:

The first refereed scientific journal at the university, "Journal of Sharia Sciences and the Arabic Language".
The university's first research chair, "Al-Jazeera Chair".
The first museum inside the university, "The History Museum."
The first program to receive full program accreditation at the university, "Islamic Studies" from the NCAAA.
The first academic advising unit was established at the university.
The first joint course unit at the university that supervises 6 university requirements.
The first electronic courses launched at the university.

The contribution of academic programs to the Kingdom’s vision 2030 by promoting Islamic values and national identity.
Introducing new programs in the college for the master’s, bachelor’s and diploma levels that are in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision and are the latest on a local scale.
The efficiency of the faculty members, the diversity of their academic ranks, and the benefit of their expertise internally and externally.
The presence of the highest percentage of international students at the university level.
Excellence in community services.
Quality of infrastructure and equipment in the college.
Local or international awards that distinguish members or students.​