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Faculty of Arts Initiatives:


A project aimed at raising the percentage of completion and achieving high performance indicators.


An initiative that aims to address issues and problems sooner and consider problem directions.

*Employee without a briefcase:

An initiative that aims to support female employees in new tasks when they move to other offices and fill the deficit of some offices or departments in some tasks within specific working hours.

*Thank you:

An initiative aimed at appreciating work and achievement, which is positively reflected on all employees, and enhances satisfaction with the work environment, and the spirit of initiative, giving and sincerity in work, by filling out an electronic link that includes a form in which the member’s data is mentioned and a simplified report on the work and achievement that he submitted to the college.


An initiative aimed at instilling a culture of volunteer work, raising administrative efficiency, developing skills, meeting the needs of departments, promoting a culture of community service, and exchanging experiences between female administrators.​

* Accomplished (time burner):

 An initiative that aims to achieve high performance indicators, raise the ceiling of achievement and creativity, and motivate members of the educational and administrative bodies, to complete work in the shortest time and with high accuracy, by giving him a certificate of appreciation to encourage him and motivate his creativity.

* My Hall website path:

An initiative that aims to provide assistance to all who attend the college, members of the educational and administrative bodies and students, to find the location of the classroom or lab easily and easily, and to access it with the least time and effort and without the help of anyone by scanning an indicative QR Code using a mobile phone.

*Technical solutions for movement and transportation management:

An initiative that aims to raise the efficiency of the technical performance of the Department of Movement and Transport, by facilitating the movement of female students’ registration in buses through electronic registration through an electronic link or by means of a QR scan published on the university’s website, which facilitates the access of female employees of the Department of Movement and Transport to the students’ data. It also reduces the time and effort spent in the process of registering paper students.​