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Academic Advising



 The goal of academic advising is to guide and direct students in choosing the appropriate academic courses according to the approved academic plans for successfully obtaining the academic degrees in the most efficient means possible, which ensures better outcomes to the university.


Offer academic advising to students that improves them academically, socially, and skillfully in accordance with the international quality standards.


Provide not only various advising services to meet the students' needs in registering the best courses according to their study plans, but, also, advice on overcoming any difficulties that might negatively affect their academic performance throughout their university years.

The Role of the Academic Advisor:

1-      The department allocates a staff member as an academic advisor for each student to help her in registering the best courses according to the study plan and her abilities.

2-      The academic advisor advises the student from her first term of admission and keeps track of her academic performance until graduation.

3-      The academic advisor can help the student overcome obstacle by suggesting different solutions to her problems.


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