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Bachelor of Arts Program in History

About the Program:
The department aims to distinguish itself in historical studies, archaeology, and tourism.  
Admission Requirements: 

1-      The student must meet any acceptance criteria announced or set by the University's Board during the application process.

2-      The student achieves a high school certificate from a Saudi school or an equalized one.

3-      Each student (whether has graduated from a local high school, a foreign one, or studied national or international programs) must have taken the General Aptitude Test (GAT) and an Academic Achievement Test from the National Center for Assessment.

4-      The student must pass any required interview or placement test.

5-      The student must meet the attendance criteria.

6-      The student must follow the study plan.

7-      The student must seek to complete the graduation requirements within the original program period.

Teaching Methods:
Lectures and practical applications.
Curriculum Study Plan: 
Click here to view the study plan History study plan.pdf
Career Opportunities:

Graduates' career opportunities include the following careers:

1-      Researchers and specialists in the specialized positions.

2-      Careers in the Ministry of Education.

3-      Programs' writers and editors.

4-      Publications' supervisors.

5-      Protocol Department secretaries. ​​