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Students’ Clubs

1-      College of Arts Club:


Investing the talents of college and university students by creating an effective and attractive environment for them to express their talents freely.



Accomplishing excellence and leadership through the club's paths, which is achieved through building a skillful knowledge society. The club paths promote innovation, knowledge, collaborative creativity, and tackles community issues as well as local and international environment issues. In addition, it invests in the knowledge society and shapes responsible individuals capable of facing challenges and seeking to open dialogues with society as well as actively participate in the protection of environment in all its fields.


Club's Goals:

-          Develop the language competencies of students.

-          Create opportunities to practice hobbies and activities related to language.

-          Improve communication and expand the literary knowledge of students.

-          Develop the ability to plan activities.

-          Spread information and cognitive awareness among students.

-          Develop the information related skills for students through activities.

-          Occupy students' spare time in an academic beneficial way.

-          Organize workshops, seminars, and training course in the club's fields.

-          Promote creativity, innovation, and talents.

-          Organize cultural and scientific field trips.

-          Promote the Geographic Information Systems major and highlight it at the university and institutional level.


Club's paths:

-          Language Horizon path.

-          Geographical path.

-          Knowledge path.

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Click here for more information on Language Horizon path.


2-      College of Arts Sports Club:


Attain the best competitive level in sports that meets the university's vision.



Sponsoring, supporting, and developing to the best level the College of Arts Sports Club by encouraging sports participation in the college and university.


Types of Sports Offered:

Football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, judo, taekwondo, badminton, table tennis, and tennis.


Training Schedule:

Training schedules starts from 8:00 am till 2:00 PM.



The sports club offers busses that transport students from station A4 to the sports club. The bus trips are scheduled every half an hour.


Registration Criteria:

1-      The student must be a current student.

2-      The student must adhere to the required uniform.

3-      The student must present her student id card upon entry to the sports club.

4-      The student must commit to the training schedule.


Contests and prizes:

Sports contest are performed internally, among colleges, and externally with other universities.


Contact us at:

Office telephone: 011823663


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