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​​The degree granted by the program is a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. The study plan includes (221) courses during six years followed by an internship year.​​

The Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery Program is designed to be distinguished. By its dependance on multiple. And advanced methods of medical education through an effective and. Integrated electronic education system that includes basic and clinical science. In order to achieve. The goal of the program in preparing doctors who are able to. Keep pace with the rapid. Changes in health care needs in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The bachelor's program begins with the foundation year for health college, in which the most important basic information in each. Subject is addressed to prepare the medical students for future academic changes, the students then move to specialization courses. In the first two academic years, the unites system based on the human body systems is adopted, so that each unit covers one of the vital systems in. the body; its components, function, relationship with other systems, in addition to the most common diseases and the most advanced therapeutic strategies. These unites are taught by multidisciplinary team of professors of. Basic sciences and clinicians from different specializations. The program is concerned with self-education and. Focuses on. It though a curriculum based on problem-based learning that contains discussion of disease cases in a small discussion group, and these seminars focus on providing the student the opportunities to search for the knowledge themselves. Starting. From the third year, the practical application of clinical sciences begins at the hospital, as it depends on the system of. Medical courses in. a number of different clinical specialties and sciences. Such as: surgery, medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics.

The academic stages include three “educational methods courses" in the first year, which are a set of lectures on learning methods in general and how to benefit from them, and medical professionalism in the second year, specialized in. medical aspects and skills and “medical informatics" in the.  third year to deal with development in the. field of medical informatics and advanced communications. In the health field, and. Two new elective applied courses “of student design" in the fourth and fifth years.​

The degree awarded by the college:

Bachelor's degree in Medicine and Surgery


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