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Basic Sciences Department

About the department

The Department of basic sciences is considered the backbone and the first educational gateway to the College of Medicine at Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University. This includes anatomy, embryology, histology, physiology, pharmacology, and medical biochemistry, which are taught in a homogeneous and integrated manner in the form of independent blocks, each of which includes one of the human body organs/systems. This aims to prepare the medical student to be creative and innovative in the future.

The department of basic sciences has a close relationship with other departments in the college of medicine as its subjects represent a link between basic medical sciences and clinical medical sciences that are taught starting from third year. The department also has close relations with other health colleges, as its members participate in teaching other colleges such as nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, health sciences, rehabilitation, and others. Thus, the department of basic sciences is the cornerstone of all health colleges.

The department also works to participate in community service with its researches on disease prevention and women's health and to provide consultations and seminars in cooperation with other departments of the college and university as well as other organizations outside the university.

The Department of Basic Sciences includes the following specializations:

Anatomy, pathology, physiology, microbiology., biochemistry, pharmacology and genetics.

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