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Community Service



Starting from the message of the Community Service Unit in the College  of Medicine, which stipulates health promotion and disease prevention and activating the social partnership to advance health in the Saudi society, in line with the National Transformation Program 2030 and the vision and mission of the College of Medicine. Our main goals include advancing health awareness and promoting healthy behaviors in the Saudi society. Knowing that many health problems affect a very important group, children in the pre-university education stages, which is the building block of society; therefore, it is important to promote healthy habits and awareness about disease prevention among this group.

The role of the College of Medicine is motivated by the community service unit towards this group, especially with the presence of qualified and leading faculty members with a high degree of knowledge, as well as our enthusiastic female students who are motivated to volunteer to serve the community.


Implementation mechanism:


First: The role of the college and the community service unit

The following shall be done with the assistance of the faculty and students:

·       Specifying days to provide educational lectures on important topics concerning the health of students (three events for each semester). The activity consists of an educational lecture followed by discussion and competitions.

·       Coordination and preparation for an annual awareness exhibition at the end of each year conducted by students under the supervision of faculty members and under the direction of the Community Service Unit. A topic of interest to students and society is identified and presented every year.

·      Educational material is prepared and distributed during the activity.


Second: The role of schools

·      Specifying an appropriate date and place during the academic year.

·      Inviting students to participate actively by holding an annual awareness exhibition. This include launching a societal cultural art project, inviting female students, and using experts from the College of Designs, Arts and Letters to evaluate the work of female students in addition to evaluating the scientific content by the unit members.


Third: The role of the Deanship of Community Service

·      Submit the required budget.

·      Providing transportation.


Fourth: The role of the unit

·      Preparation and coordination of events.

·      Preparing the necessary reports to evaluate the initiative.

·      Preparing the budget and monitoring the needs.

·     Defining the scientific plan and inviting the members of the educational body to participate.



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