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Research Center


Leadership and excellence in the field of scientific research locally and internationally.


- Stimulating and developing the scientific research movement in various fields by financing research projects.

- Supporting scientific research and studies to keep pace with modern developments.

- Guiding scientific research to serve society and solve its various problems.

- Developing a supportive research environment and infrastructure for scientific research at the college.

- Developing the research capabilities of the academic staff.

- Promoting cooperation and coordination to build strategic partnerships in the field of scientific research with national, regional and global institutions.

- Improving financial support for research projects and scientific production supported by the Deanship of Scientific Research for women researchers at the university.

- Motivating female researchers at the college and encouraging them to work within multi-disciplinary research teams.

Target group:

Faculty members at the College of Medicine.

Research Centre Members:

Dr. Amal Alotaibi: Head of the research center.

Dr. Hanadi Bakhsh: Member

Dr. Samira Abuaish: Member

Dr. Raja Elhasnaoui: Member

Research priorities:

Research priorities of disciplines in:

-       Scientific research in the field of medicine and public health.