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Vice Deanship of Students' and Community Services Affairs
Brief about the Vice Deanship

The vice deanship of students'& community services aims to create a stimulating environment for the students by providing services for them, developing their cognitive, cultural and social aspects, and providing psychological support to ensure students stability during the academic years.


Excellence in the service and support of students and achieve the highest quality of progress in the educational process.


Participate in supporting and developing the students competencies for the graduation of doctors who are distinguished scientifically and skillfully.


1- The Faculty of Medicine in Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University should become one of the outstanding medical colleges and preamble the studentsto be  capable of excellence and competition locally and internationally.

2. Creating the appropriate environment for the students based on the principles and values of culture and ethics emanating from the teachings of Islamic law.

3 - Contribute to the society service and the environment through students' clubs & activities.

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