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Industrial Engineering and Systems Program awards bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and Systems. The study plan consists of (162) modules distributed as follows:

Foundation Year: is the first academic year in College of Engineering, through which, the student will complete (31) modules over two semesters.

PNU Requirements: the courses studied by students of all PNU colleges and they contain (8) courses and consist of (18) modules.

College Requirements: the courses applied to students of all college departments totaling (20) courses and consisting of (67) modules.

Program Mandatory Requirements: Totaling (25) courses and consisting of (68) modules.

Program Elective Requirements: student will select from elective courses totaling (9) modules, divided into (3) courses at the eighth and ninth levels.

Summer Semester: includes a practical training course after the fourth year. It requires that the student must pass (125) courses including (54) modules of major in order to be enrolled in the field training in summer, which is a prerequisite for graduation and it equals one module.

This program aims to prepare graduates who are able to:
1.Apply modern technologies in industrial engineering and systems fields to identify problems and find optimal solution methods for leveraging industrial and services institutions.
2.Adhere to the standards of ethics and integrity of the engineering profession.
3.Work with the highest scientific and research standards in the social and engineering systems.
4.Overcome challenges in their professional life by using knowledge and modern technology.
5.Communicate with highest standards of skills, leadership to perform oversight roles in the industry field.
6.Complete their future study based on their high research capacity.

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