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Study Plan

Study Plan for the Bachelor's Degree for
Industrial and Systems Engineering Department
College Engineering
Department/Program Industrial and systems Engineering
Degree Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering


First Year

No.Course TitleCode /NoContact hoursCRPrerequisite
1English Language (1) ENG 101-115-3--
2Calculus (1)MATH 101T22-3--
3General Physics for Engineering (1)PHYS 10232-4--
4Programming language (1) CS 110T32-4--
5Arabic CompositionARAB 1012--2--
Total 16 Credit Hours

 Level 1

 Level 2

No.Course TitleCode /NoContact hoursCRPrerequisite
1English Language (2)ENG 102-215-3ENG 101-1
2General Physics for Engineering (2)PHYS 10332-4PHYS 102
3Calculus (II)MATH 103T32-4MATH 101T
4General Chemistry for EngineeringCHEM 10332-4-
Total 15 Credit Hours


Second Year

  Level 3

No.Course TitleCode /NoContact HoursCRPrerequisite
1Academic Writing for EngineeringENG 10431-3ENG 102-2
2Islamic Culture (1)ISLS 1012--2--
3StaticsISE 20031-3PHYS 102
 MATH 103T
4Calculus (III)MATH 20532-4MATH 103T
5Probability and Statistics for EngineeringMATH 26541-4         MATH 103T
Total 16 Credit Hours


Level 4

No.Course TitleCode /NoContact HoursCRPrerequisite
1Academic & Professional Communication for EngineeringECE 20031-3ENG 104
2Introduction to Engineering DesignECE 20312-2MATH 103T
3Language SkillsARAB 2022--2---
4Differential EquationsMATH 221T22-3MATH 103T
5Engineering DrawingISE 20114-3--
6Principles of Linear AlgebraMATH 242T22-3MATH 101T
Total 16 Credit Hours




Third Year

Level 5

No.Course TitleCode /NoContact HoursCRPrerequisite
1Financial Management for Engineering ISE 20221-2MATH 205
2Programming Applications for EngineeringECE 20122-3CS 110T
3Operations Research (1)ISE 24031-3MATH 242 T
4Engineering EthicsISE 2032--2--
5Material Science and EngineeringISE 20423-3CHEM 103T
 PHYS 103
6Introduction to Numerical AnalysisMATH 353T32-4MATH 103T
 MATH 242T
 CS 110T
Total17 Credit Hours



Level 6

No.Course TitleCode /NoContact HoursCRPrerequisite
1Islamic Culture (2)ISLS 2022--2ISLS 101
2Decision and Data AnalyticsISE 25023-3MATH 265
3Production Planning and control (1)ISE 22031-3ISE 240
4Project ManagementISE 21031-3MATH 265
5Quality ControlISE 23031-3MATH 265
6EntrepreneurshipBUS 2533--3---
Total17 Credit Hours






Fourth Year

Level 7

No.Course TitleCode /NoContact HoursCRPrerequisite
1Operations Research (2)ISE  34131-3ISE 240
2Engineering EconomyISE 3053--3--
3Production Planning and control (2)ISE 32131-3ISE 220
4Human Factor EngineeringISE 36023-3ISE 250
5Production information systemsISE 35123-3ISE 220
6Islamic Culture (3)ISLS 3032--2ISLS 101
Total17 Credit Hours

Level 8

No.Course TitleCode /NoContact HoursCRPrerequisite
1Regression and ForecastingISE 34231-3MATH 353T
MATH 265
2Scheduling of Industrial OperationsISE 32231-3ISE 341
ISE 321
3Supply Chain Management PrinciplesISE 31131-3Co- requisite: ISE322
4Work and Process ImprovementISE 36131-3ISE 321
5Industrial Safety EngineeringISE 3312--2ISE 360
6Design of ExperimentsISE 34331-3ISE 250
 MATH 265
Total17 Credit Hours







Summer Session

No.Course TitleCode /NoContact HoursCRPrerequisite
1Practical TrainingISE 370---1Completing 125 CR including 54 CR specialist
Total 1 Credit Hour



Fifth Year


Level 9

No.Course TitleCode /NoContact HoursCRPrerequisite
1Simulation Modeling and AnalysisISE 44423-3ISE 341
 ISE 321
MATH 265
2Program elective (1)----3--
3Maintenance and ReliabilityISE 43231-3ISE 341
 MATH 265
4Operations of Manufacturing SystemsISE 41231-3ISE 322
5Capstone Design Project (1)ISE 47112-2Completing 125 CR including 54 CR specialist
6Islamic Culture (4)ISLS 4042--2ISLS 101
Total16 Credit Hours







Level 10

No.Course TitleCode /NoContact HoursCRPrerequisite
1Facility Layout and OperationsISE 41331-3ISE 321
ISE 341
2Program Elective (2)----3--
3Program Elective (3)----3--
4Capstone Design Project (2)ISE 47212-2ISE 471
5Engineering ManagementISE 4063--3ISE 305
Total 14 Credit Hours



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