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Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University is keen to keep up with the development renaissance witnessed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to promote the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, with the aim of building a community in which knowledge constitutes a basis for economic progress and achievement. In the context of this, College of Engineering was established with the aim of meeting the requirements of the labor market, keeping up with its outputs for the era of knowledge economy and addressing a part of human development needs.

The College of Engineering is an emerging college in the PNU colleges' systems as per a letter sent by H.E. the Minister of education No. 75788, dated 21/05/1439 AH, based on the Royal Order No. 23979 on 19/05/1439 AH, which includes the royal approval to establish the College of Engineering in PNU.

The study at College of Engineering commenced at the beginning of the academic year 1439/1440 AH with enrolment of students in the Foundation Year that is applicable to all college departments. Furthermore, Industrial Engineering and Systems Department as well as activating Electrical Engineering Department in its both Communications Engineering and Electronic Engineering Programs.