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Engineering Library


The engineering library strives to excel in serving all university's staff, faculty and students by providing them with all they need. The library was opened in 2017 AD and is located near station A7, in building (150), first floor. The library contains a variety of book types and genres in both Arabic and English which serve both the faculty of engineering's staff and students, and the university's as a whole.

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Library Services

  • Lending books.
  • Providing computers with internet access.
  • Organizing different activities for CoE's staff and students.
  • Responding to queries.


Library Hours                                           

  • The library opens from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Policies and Instructions

library Loan policy and regulatory sanctions

No. Category Number of addressesLoan duration The fine
1Faculty members20One semester1 riyal per day
2Lectures and Teaching assistant151 month1 riyal per day
3Graduate students151 month1 riyal per day
4Undergraduate students101 month1 riyal per day
5University members101 month1 riyal per day
6Third-party beneficiaries101 month1 riyal per day

Borrowing Rules

  • Patrons with books overdue more than a month must return them before they can check out other books.
  • The library can recall a borrowed book before the end of the loan duration. If the patrons do not return it, their borrowing privileges will be suspended for one semester.
  • The library may suspend the patrons' borrowing privileges for one semester if they passed the due date for three times.


 Library  Friends

Library friends are group of CoE students who volunteer to serve and help the library play its crucial role in the college and the university as well.

 The library friends are:






To contact library friends, click here.


Activities and Events

Activities for students are held in the library in cooperation with the Deanship of Libraries.

Activity NameDateDescription of the activity
National Day (90)13/2/1442The National Day of Saudi Arabia is a special occasion where integration and unity have been achieved, disunity and disintegration have been removed. Also, it is the day where attests to the extent of development and prosperity.
The sixth pledge of allegiance3/4/1442The anniversary of the pledge of allegiance is the anniversary of King Salman's assumption of the reins of power and his allegiance as a leader of the country, in which it is a celebration of development and prosperity in his leadership.​

Contact us:

-       Email:   

-       Tel: 0118238247    

-       Location: 1st  floor (104.1)