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Unit of Education Technologies

 Engineering College's Education Technologies Unit is concerned with creating an appropriate environment to promote e-learning applications, support College students and staff, help them to develop telecommunication technologies, and raise the level of e-learning at the college. To ensure highly-effective educational process, the College established e-learning unit to follow-up the educational process and limit obstacles hindering the teaching staff. The Unit is also concerned with applying and spreading the culture of e-learning among College staff through organizing training courses in coordination with e-learning department at the University as regards teaching's recent technologies and spreading the culture of technology in a manner that helps to create e-community capable of keeping pace with the developments. VR Lab is a new development of e-learning, which is fabricated or imaginary learning environment, imitating the actual reality through embodying events and facts into visual, audio and concrete reality using digital simulation for providing interactive advantage.


Used Media:


 E-learning system “blackboard"

Information system for managing integrated e-learning. It manages the educational process in synchronous and asynchronous manners. In addition, it provides safe learning environment enabling teaching staff to give lectures and provide courses through adding multimedia (text, audio, video, photos, graphics). The system provides students with access to courses remotely via e-system involving a number of supporting tools and means, enabling students to access and interact with subject easily, and contact with the respective professor and other students. The system displays also tests, assessments and acquired degrees electronically.

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Microsoft Teams Platform for E-Learning

This educational platform provides digital center combining conversations, content, assignments and applications together at the same place, to create vital learning environments such as: classrooms and periodical meetings. It represents the new generation of communications, enabling college students and staff to contact with new and easy means.

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Educational Zoom Platform for E-Learning:

An e-platform for audio and visual contact through displaying the educational material (text, audio, video, photos, graphics) or a screen for writing and explaining as a board, with the potential to underline any sentence or text.

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 Virtual Reality Lab VR:

The virtual reality is part of the developments of recent technology and various applications at the current time. VR Lab is a vital added value to classroom with educational benefits. The virtual reality contributes to enhancing student interaction and assisting them to understand subjects better. The lab is provided with sensors fixed to lab ceiling for sensing the movement of spectators. With the assistance of computers and other auxiliaries, the learner can have imaginary environment for interacting, participating and dealing. Thanks to VR lab, students can have experiences that are difficult to witness in the actual reality, due to their absence, danger, high cost or difficulty in creating the same events and environment.

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Unit of Education Technologies