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E-learning Unit of CCIS

E-learning unit's mission at the College of Computer and Information Sciences:​

- Following up the process of building, uploading, and updating the electronic content of the courses before and during the semester.

- Collecting the obstacles and problems that students and faculty members may face.

- Providing support to the faculty and the students in solving the problems related to the e-learning system.

- Preparing periodic reports on the progress of the educational process to submit them to the concerned authorities.

- Coordinating and holding training courses and workshops for members on a regular basis and when needed to serve the e-learning process.

- Publishing the announcements of the educational departments for students and members in the digital environment of the college.​

To contact the unit:​

ExtensionUnit chairEmail
38566Dr. Sarra




IT Support:

Please send the problem you face with the LMS on TakeCare system in the following link (Click Here​)