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E-learning Unit of CCIS
​Tasks of the e-learning unit at the College of Computer and Information Sciences:

• Publish the approved guidelines and directives electronically for various courses to facilitate the performance of the tasks of both students and faculty members.
• Follow up on building, upload and update the content of courses electronically before the start and during the semester.
• Prepare and update the follow-up mechanism for publishing the electronic content of the courses.
• Provide the supporting media and the various approved and used tools for e-learning.
• Provide the necessary support for students and faculty members to keep up with the development of the concept of e-learning in the college.
• Determine and study the obstacles that may face female students and faculty members.
• Provide support to college employees and target groups in solving problems of e-learning systems.
• Apply all university instructions and approved competent authorities related to the educational process.
• Prepare and submit periodic reports to the concerned authorities on the progress of the educational process and follow up on their directives.
• Coordinate and hold training courses and workshops for faculty members on a regular basis and when needed, in order to serve the electronic educational process.
• Publish announcements of the educational departments for students and faculty members in the college’s digital environment.


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