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1Cloud Computing and Big Data AnalyticsDr.Mohamed Batouche1/5/1442EnglishFaculty members10
2Analytics with RDr.. Hadeel Shaiba3/4/1442EnglishFaculty members16
3Assistive agents information retrieval from behavior tree


Dr.Safia abbas mahmoud

28/1/1442 EEnglishFaculty members16
4Measuring IT Service Quality in Higher EducationDr. Romana Aziz4/3/1442EnglishFaculty members10
5Machine Translation, a New ApproachDr.Hanan Hosni19/2/1441EEnglishFaculty members16
6Machine Learning for Crowdsourced Spatial Data'Dr.Musfira Jilani4/23/2020EnglishFaculty members16
7Machine Learning and Optimization for Effective Problem SolvingDr.Souham Meshoul4/1/2020EnglishFaculty members50
8Building a Theoretical Model in CS ResearchDr. Romana Aziz16/7/1441EEnglishFaculty members41
9Nanotechnology  and Artificial IntelligenceDr.Hanan Aljuaid9/7/1441EEnglishFaculty members20
10Cloud computing and big data analyticsDr.Mohamed Batouche21/4/1441EEnglishFaculty members20
11Research Design Process: A document driven evolutionary approachDr. Romana Aziz3/4/1441EEnglishFaculty members17
12Introduction to Data ScienceDr.Suad Almatairi12/4/1441EEnglishFaculty members21
13Image and video processing and Their applicationsDr.Hanan Hosni21/3/1441EEnglishFaculty members25
14The Road to Excellence China & India Case StudyDr. Evon  Abutaieh16/3/1441EEnglishFaculty members28
15Security Engineering for Cloud SystemsDr.Omer rana5/8/1440EEnglishFaculty members and students33
16Innovative Computing Inspired by Nature: From Emergent Computing to Deep LearningDr.Mohamed Batouche20/7/1440 EEnglishFaculty members and students13
17Computer-Aided Diagnosis in Medicine: Overview of Techniques and ChallengesDr.Yasser Kadah6/7/1440 EEnglishFaculty members and students22
18Inspiring Architectures of Convolutional NetsDr.Hanan  Adlan4/7/1440 EEnglishFaculty members and students10
19Internet of Things and Enterprise Information SystemsDr. Omaima Al-Saeedani29/6/1440 EEnglishFaculty members and students61
20The art of reading scientific articlesDr. Heba Kurdi22/6/1440 EEnglishFaculty members and students23

IoT in Healthcare Systems: Customizable Healthcare System


Dr. Kahkashan Tabassum15/6/1440 EEnglishFaculty members and students16
22Intelligent Systems and Data ScienceDr.Souham Meshoul13/6/1440 EEnglishFaculty members and students24
23Administrative organization of the university's research chairs program and the secretariat's vision in terms of improving the program and achieving its objectives

Dr.Fawzia Alsaif

Dr. Sahar Ismail

2/4/1440 E


EnglishFaculty members17

Securing the digital transformation journey of KSA

'Kingdom Vision 2030

Dr. Shaima El Sayed27/3/1440 EEnglishFaculty members and students20
25Arduino WorkshopArwa Al-Abdul Karim27/3/1440 EEnglishFaculty and students9
26Network Security Software Discovering StudyDr. Evon  Abutaieh26/3/1440 EEnglishFaculty members and students39
27User Experience: Research & PrototypingDr. Arij alwabel29/2/1440 EEnglishFaculty members27
28Quaternion-based Signal ProcessingDr. Magdi Cherkaoui21/2/1440 EEnglishFaculty members9
29Health Informatics and IOTDr. Kahkashan Tabassum15/2/1440 EEnglishFaculty members and students15

Using Opponent Virtual

Machine in Health Applications

Dr. May  Dailij9/2/1440 EEnglishFaculty members9
31Big data & Analytics groupDr. Mariam Hajiuni29-1-1440 EEnglishFaculty members16
32The bioinformatics research groupDr.Noor Aini Abdul Rashid14/1/1439 EEnglishFaculty members14
33Introductory workshop in the Chair for Research of Children's LiteratureDr.Hila Al-Khalaf7/1/1440 EEnglishFaculty members15
34Mobile Cloud ComputingDr. Kahkashan Tabassum12/1439 EEnglishFaculty members14
35World IP DayDr. Hind al-Mutairi29/7/1438 EEnglishMembers of the educational, administrative and student bodies67
36Drafting patent applicationsDr. Mona Dagestani28/7/1438 EEnglishMembers of the educational, administrative and student bodies36
37Search cornerDr. Maha Abdul Haq11/7/1439ArabicFaculty members20
38Introduction to LatexDr.Mariam Hajiuni17/6/1438 EEnglishFaculty members8
39Supported softwareDr. May  Dailij

8/2/1438 E

10/2/1438 E

EnglishFaculty members20