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Assessment system and GPA calculation

Assessment System and GPA Calculation

·        The students are assessed by evaluating their attendance of lectures and exams, and their research achievements, presentations and other activities that reflect their performance during the semester.

·        The students' grades are monitored in their academic record and it also includes all courses of each semester with its symbols, numbers, the number of credit hours, and the obtained grades with their symbols, values, quarterly rate, cumulative average, and overall estimate. The grades obtained by the student in each course shall be calculated as out of 5 points to be as follows:


Grade Range


 (out of 5)


Values in


100 – 955.0ExceptionalA+
90 to less than 954.75ExcellentA
85 to less than 904.5SuperiorB+
80 to less than 854.0Very good B
75 to less than 803.5Above AverageC+
70 to less than 753.0Good C
65 to less than 702.5Pass-HighD+
60 to less than 652.0PassD
Less than 601.0Fail F
  Withdraw with excuseW




  • (Excellent)= if the GPA is not less than 4.50 of 5.00.


    (Very good)= if the GPA is from 3.75 to less than 4.50 of 5.00
  • (Good)= If the GPA is from 2.75 to less than 3.75 of 5.00.


    (Acceptable)= If the GPA is from 2.00 to less than 2.75 of 5.00.
  • The quarterly or cumulative average can be calculated as follows:

    Average = Total Score ÷ Total Units (Credit Hours).

    Grade points for each course = number of units x weight of grade


Course NameUnit No.PercentageValue


(out of 5)


General Biology for health specialties



Medical Terminology


Total5   18


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