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Registration System

Registration System

·          All courses of the foundation year are compulsory and students are enrolled automatically through the deanship of admission and registration.

·        Students are categorized into groups (i.e. level 1, level 2, and level3) through English language placement test in order to achieve the objectives of the intensive English language program; the placement test is not included in the students' assessment system.

·        A student who has not failed in the courses is registered in the next level's courses according to the provided study plan.

·        In case the student has failed any course(s), she is enrolled in the all courses according to what could ensure her minimum study load in each semester, taking into account the following points:

· It does not contradict the course plan.

· Meet the above requirements.

· If a student has failed a course, she must re-study the course until passing it and it will be counted in her academic record.

· The student is not allowed to delete or add any courses.

· The student is not allowed to register in more than one class for each course.

· The student is not allowed to attend in any other classes than the one in which she was registered first. The attendance will not be counted and she will be denied.

· It is the student's responsibility to ensure that there is no error or contradiction in her schedule, and must refer to the deanship of admission and registration in case of any problems.

· The student must refer to the deanship of admission and registration for any of the procedures related to the student's academic record, such as university ID card, registration, withdrawing, postponement, transferring, and others.



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