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The Structure of the Preparatory year program

The structure of the Foundation Year Program                        

According to the program, the following courses are taught and each contains 31 unite:

·        English for health specialties (Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading).

·        Mathematics for health specialties (Basic Algebraic Operations, Linear Equations, Functions and applications).

·        General Physics for health specialties (Mechanics, Fluids, Waves, Radioactivity).

·        Medical Terminology (Building Medical terms, Systems: Bones, Joints, Muscles & Locomotive, Joints).

·        General Biology for health specialties (panoramic view of the cell, the cell cycle, Mendel and the Gene idea).

·        Introduction to Health Professions (Emergency, Introduction to different health careers, emergency service).

·        Human Biology for health specialties (molecules and equations, chemical bonding, states of matter).

·        Introduction to Statistics (introduction to Statistics, measures of central tendency, simple linear regression and correlation, probability, binomial distribution …….).

·        Islamic Studies (1+2).

·        Writing editing.

Note that all courses are tough in English except for the Islamic and Arabic studies. Also, each course has a file distributed to the registered students at the beginning of the semester and it includes the following elements:

·        No. and course code, course name, teaching and credit hours, and course description.

·        Name of course teacher, office location and office hours scheduled for consultation.

·        The main subjects of each course and how they are distributed over the academic weeks.

·        Teaching and learning methods.

·        Exam dates, short quizzes, research papers, assignment, etc., showing the percentage assigned to each from the overall assessment.

·        Textbook titles and additional references.