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About Vice Deanship

The College Vice Deanship for Student and Community Services includes units of student services and community service unit. It aims at providing support and assist to students and to identify their problems, work to solve them, and overcome the difficulties related to the educational process of the student during the period of study. In addition, it aims at providing student services in addition to the student guidance regarding educational process.



1. Developing the talents of students and raising their abilities for outstanding academic achievement and participation in activities by helping them to create a distinctive academic educational environment.

2. Creating a balanced personality for female students that maintains their identity, belonging and national constants, and adhering to the teachings of the Islamic religion.

3. Promoting a culture of participation, dialogue, learning, competition, creativity, and accustoming female students to work in the group and participate in the planning, implementation and follow-up of various student activities.

4.  Participating in sponsoring outstanding students with special needs.

5.  Providing social, psychological and educational assistance and guidance to students.

6.  Developing and strengthen the spirit of university discipline and the restriction of customs and regulations.

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