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Message from the Department Chair
​​The department of clinical dental sciences is one of the largest departments in the college of dentistry as it consists of four subspecialties: restorative dentistry, endodontics, prosthodontics, and dental materials. Therefore, it acts as a cornerstone in developing the clinical skills of dental students since it is directly related to clinical work, communication with patients and commitment to provide them with comprehensive treatments that frequently require multiple consecutive sessions, in addition to following-up their cases on a regular basis.

The department is continuously seeking development and improvement of its teaching plans based on a solid scientific basis and in line with the rapid development of clinical dentistry, particularly in the technical aspects.  It also seeks development of the teaching methods by utilizing modern teaching strategies and in accordance with nationally/internationally accredited quality criteria. 

Dental students are taught by specialized faculty members who have obtained their postgraduate degrees and training from different universities around the world, thus, providing a variety of educational resources, which in turn reflects on the educational outcomes. 

The department is committed to the recruitment of the best clinical, educational and research experts to develop competent dental professionals both clinically and scientifically.
It is provided with a large number of clinics that are well equipped with the latest high-quality technologies, by which the students can learn and practice in an environment that stimulates acquisition, development, and application of knowledge and skills.  

Head of the Clinical Dental Science Department
Dr. Alhanoof Saleh Aldegheishem

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