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About Vice-Deanship

Quality is achieved by the satisfaction of customer needs and the continued performance of tasks as desired by customers according to specific standards. This can only be achieved through excellence in the leadership of the college units by applying the quality insurance methods, monitoring, improving, and ensuring that they meet the national and international accreditation standards.



•       The Quality and Development Department seeks to achieve the following goals:

•       To promote the University's objectives of quality and academic accreditation.

•       To participate in transferring the university academically and professionally to meet the best standards of local and international universities.

•       Spreading the Culture of Quality among all faculty members.

•       Continuous improvement by coping with the latest technology.

•       Administrative Quality assurance and Quality Control.

•       Improve the level of satisfaction of all stakeholders through feedback, data analysis, and problem-solving.

•       Monitoring the implementation of policies and procedures.

•       Ensuring the implementation of the strategic plan of the College.

•       Monitoring the workflow of the college by monitoring its achievements.

•       Take advantage of the expertise of international institutions and excellence in quality management.

•       Obtaining certificates from internationally recognized quality organizations and partnering with them.

•       Involve the concerned parties through initiatives, propose development and improvement projects, and towards achieving them.​

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