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The College of Dentistry is an integral part of the Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University (PNU) collegiate system. Following the establishment of the university in 2008, policy and decisions makers recognized the necessity to have health colleges and facilities at PNU. Therefore, the College of Dentistry was established at PNU in 2012. The College of Dentistry (PNUCD) contributed significantly towards meeting one of the most important strategic objectives of the University which allies with the Kingdom's current vision 2030; Development of Women Leadership in all areas of education and healthcare. The College would be the only one in the Kingdom that would have a uniquely exclusive female student body and a predominantly women leadership in the roles of Dean, Vice Deans and chairpersons.


Curriculum in PNUCD is student-centered based on a comprehensive patient approach with multiple teaching methods that expand students' skills in evidence-based dentistry and problem solving. Based on global trends and local influencing factors that suggest that the ideal dentist must possess the ability to integrate medical and dental sciences, the PNUCD curriculum provides comprehensive patient care, emphasizes prevention, and practice based on evidence, works in interdisciplinary teams, with awareness of public health needs, and serves in a community-based environment.


​College Values:

•        Professionalism

•       Cooperation

•       Affiliation

•       Integrity

•       Lifelong learning

•       The patient is the core of the treatment

•       Analytical thinking

•       Evidence-based practice

•       Community partnership


College Strategic Goals:

 1. High Quality Academic Programs 

- To provide high level of education and skilled training to ensure qualifying female dentists with high standards and efficiency.

- To develop the dental curriculum and courses to ensure the students participation in self-learning as well as developing the continuous education that satisfies the need of the labour market.

2. Devoted Graduates and students 

- To build long term relations with the College of Dentistry graduates aiming to instil the culture of belongings, cooperation and support

3. High Quality Scientific Research 

- To enrich the scientific progress by diversifying research types and motivating the teaching staff to conduct high quality scientific research.

- To activate the scientist, research and social partnership in order to develop domestic, regional and international relations

4. Efficient and Diverse Community Service 

- To provide community services relevant to the oral and dental health for all categories of the society.

5. Efficient Human Resources  

- To develop the skills of human resources in the college by providing programs relevant to the field of education, research and administration.

6. Innovative Systems and Efficient Processes 

- Ongoing update of the infra-structure in order to provide an appropriate environment for teaching and learning.

7. Sustainable Financial System 

- To diversify funding resources in the college aiming to ensure sustainable financial independence.


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