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Dental Laboratories at the College of Dentistry

Preclinical courses are taught in the specialized laboratories to prepare the students for the clinical courses. Dental students are introduced to all aspects of dentistry by performing procedures on simulation mannequins before entering patient clinics.

There are three main dental laboratories serving the College of Dentistry:

-     Clinic Technical Laboratory

-     Simulation Laboratory

-     Virtual Dental Laboratory

Clinic Technical Laboratory

Clinic Technical Laboratory

This lab is equipped with 40 work areas, where preclinical courses such as prosthodontic, orthodontic and dental morphology are conducted. For example, dental students learn the technical steps for prosthodontic and orthodontic appliances that will be used later in dental clinics.​

Simulation Laboratory

The dental program is conducted in Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University based on the simulation concept for all clinical procedures. The lab is equipped with 78 dental simulation units (phantom heads) to give students realistic clinical experience to prepare them for treating patients. To support the teaching and improve the education, the simulation lab is also equipped with a multimedia system with Internet access to follow up the students during the procedures by course director and instructors.

Virtual Laboratory:

The Virtual Laboratory is equipped with:

1.    Anesthesia Simulation Models  
They allow safe repetitive learning of anatomical landmarks and techniques for the application of effective local anesthesia.

By integrating state-of-the-art technology, advanced expert performance teaching methodologies and an innovative curriculum, PNU College of Dentistry is setting a new standard for dental education.

2.   Dentroid robot

The dentroid robot is an especial robot for dental education. The realistic automaton helps dental students with both practical skills and chair-side manners, with its range of motions and voice recognition technology. Also, it improves communication and diagnostic skills. It prepares students for a safe transition from simulation models to real patient encounters.
Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University is the first university in the world after Japan to apply the dentroid technology in dental education.  This reflects PNU CD's philosophy of teaching and patient-centered care, to protect the sanctity of the human and guard patients' rights in safe treatment by student dentists.



3.  Moog Simodont

Haptic Virtual Simulators, a 3D technology creates a realistic sense of touch in a virtual environment. This technology allows students to feel differences between different layers of the tooth and pathology as well as realistically mimic pathological situations found in the clinic. Students can practice restorative dentistry, fixed prosthodontics, endodontics, and minor oral surgery.

Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research Affairs

Postgraduate Unit

The Postgraduate Unit in the College of Dentistry is responsible for scholarship affairs by providing guidance and support to the candidates, handling the process of application and acceptance, and following up with the scholars abroad. In addition, the unit is about to launch a 2 years master program that is designed to bridge the gap between the clinician and academician. This program will open for registration by the next academic year. The unit also runs the Saudi Board Program in four specialties.


Research Center

To establish the achievement of excellence by the research community, the center partners with the research community nationally and internationally to create a culture of research in the dental school that will contribute to the body of knowledge pertinent to dental school education and practice in clinical and community settings.

 The research center goals include broadening awareness of the value of PNU research, enhancing researchers' abilities to obtain and manage grants, strategically investing in promising research and researchers, creating, supporting strong infrastructure for interdisciplinary research, and disseminating research findings through research partnerships.​

Learning Resources​

There are three types of learning resources:

1.   Library

The library of the College of Dentistry has a large number of books that serve all the different specialties in the College.

All faculty and students can use these books by the book loan system as well as some classrooms provide for them. Computers are available in the library where students and faculty can use them to search by using the internet.


2.   The Scientific Lab for Models

It consists of educational materials and models that can be used by faculty to introduce their subjects and facilitate the learning process. Moreover, faculty can present their lectures in the lab and use their educational models.


3.   The Computer Lab

The Computer Lab has a number of computers and a projector that can be used by faculty and students.

Dental Clinics at the College of Dentistry

The clinical area is divided into the following components:

-     Clinics

-     Sterilization

-     Radiology

-     Implants Clinic

-     Sedation Dentistry (Nitrous Oxide for Pediatric Dental Patients)

-     Dental Laboratory

-     Registration, Appointment, and Records




The PNU-CD uses Axium which is the comprehensive clinic management system that was implemented in April 2018 together with MiPacs digital radiography which was launched in the same year.  Axium was designed exclusively for use in dental schools and its functions include appointment scheduling, patient billing, instrument tracking, student grading, and treatment charting.


There are 118 dental clinics that are equipped with modern dental units, machines, and instruments needed for providing high-quality treatment and preventive services to patients in accordance with international standards.



College of Dentistry's Clinic floor is divided into the following sections:

Emergency Clinic: is providing walk-in emergency services as determined by a dentist or physician.

Undergraduate Clinics: are the teaching clinics where patient care is provided by dental students under faculty supervision using the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

Saudi Board Clinics: are the clinical training for the dental residents in the different dental specialties such as Restorative Dentistry, Periodontics, Prosthodontics and Endodontics under faculty supervision using the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

Specialty Services Clinic: is the Consultant/Specialist clinic run by the faculty members offering a full range of services.


Treatment services include the following:

- Emergency dental services for relief of immediate pain or treatment of trauma

- Oral diagnostic services

- Preventive dental treatment

- Dental decay management

- Treatment of the gums and tissues surrounding the teeth

- Root canal treatment 

- Fixed and removable prosthodontics

- Oral and maxillofacial surgery

- Pediatrics dental treatment service

- Orthodontic service

- Oral medicine and treatment of pathology.



Special Health Care Needs Clinics

Special Health Care Needs Clinics:

Special Health Care Needs Clinics

In line with the mission of Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University to serve the community, and to achieve the vision of 2030 in building a society with a healthy lifestyle, the Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University College of Dentistry marked an important step in dedicated clinics for patients with Special Health Care Needs especially Children With Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) for their dental needs. The PNU CD Dental Clinics provides comprehensive oral health care services for individuals with intellectual, developmental and/or physical disabilities.



The Sterilization Center in PNU-CD is designed to streamline the sterilization process from start to finish, making it easier, safer, and less time-consuming. The center uses the latest technologies to apply the highest safety and sterilization in accordance with international standards.

- Provide care for patients with special dental and health care needs;

- Give patients with disabilities a home for continuing dental care; and

- Train dental residents and pre-doctoral dental students in the care of special needs patients, thus increasing the number of special care dental providers in the general community.



The Radiology Unit provides a full spectrum of imaging services in digital diagnostic oral and dental radiography for patients of the PNU College of Dentistry, with facilities ranging from conventional tomography to digital state-of-the-art; technology such as Intraoral x-ray, 2D Digital Panoramic x-ray, and Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT).  Also, it provides professional radiological reports including findings, summary and diagnostic recommendations.



The Implants Unit provides the highest level of care for the patients and to educate undergraduate dental students in the art and science of dental implant treatment. The unit offers a comprehensive approach to the replacement of missing teeth through implant dentistry. The dental faculty team comprises specialists in the field including oral and maxillofacial surgeons, prosthodontists and administrators. Dental implants can provide patients with a smile that looks and feels natural.

Sedation Dentistry (Nitrous Oxide for Pediatric Dental Patients) 

Sedation Dentistry (Nitrous Oxide for Pediatric Dental Patients)

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recognizes nitrous oxide/oxygen inhalation as a safe and effective technique to reduce anxiety, produce analgesia, and enhance effective communication between a patient and health care provider. This unit uses Nitrous Oxide often called a “laughing gas" type of sedation which is a very safe, mild sedative that will help your child remain relaxed during dental procedures.


Dental Laboratory:

The Dental Laboratory Unit features the latest products and technologies available to produce consistent and highly dental prosthetics (partial and full dentures, dental crowns and dental bridges). The unit provides a variety of treatment options.  These include metal-free products such as Emax, Zirconia and porcelain veneers. Our experienced and highly skilled technicians will create full and partial dentures that will look both natural and with the precision key, so any repairs or required adjustments can be made at any time that will ensure patient satisfaction.

Registration, Appointment, and Records:

This unit is responsible for registering the patients, schedule appointments and maintaining the patient's records. Automated booking and online registration have been utilized, as well as electronic oral health records with the use of the Axium system.


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