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Scientific Research


Research Center
To create an outstanding climate to support researchers in the field of dentistry, broadly establishing a leading center at national, regional and international levels in research and innovations in the field of dentistry
To establish the achievement of excellence by the research community, the center:
• Partners with the research community (national, regional, and international) to create a culture of high achievement
• Promotes shared responsibilities, the ethical conduct of research, and compliance
• Enhances researchers’ abilities to obtain and manage grants
• Strategically invests in promising research and researchers
• Creates integrated services, transparent research administration, infrastructure, and streamline the process.
• Broadens awareness of the value of PNU research
• Develops strong relationships with sponsors
• Enhances the ability to perform research in a global community
• Supports strong infrastructure for interdisciplinary research
• Generates applies and disseminates research findings through research partnerships
• Builds capacity in the field of dentistry training the next generation of dental researchers
•         Add value to the overall research experience:
- Provide research administrative services with effective risk and opportunities
- Develop strategies and a plan for open and clear communication at the intra-institutional and inter-institutional levels
- Improve access to key information
- Improve researcher productivity and satisfaction by reducing the administrative burden
- Decrease barriers to collaboration
•      Achieve operational excellence:
- Streamline business processes
- Develop effective relationships with process partners and the campus research community
- Identify and adopt best practices
- Promote a culture of continuous process improvement
- Embrace a culture of transparency and accountability
•         Attract & retain top, diverse staff:
- Cultivate an environment that stimulates, challenges, grows staff knowledge, skills, and competencies through continuous learning
- Encourage staff engagement and participation at all levels of process improvement and achievement of operational goals
- Develop operational leadership program and career paths for promoting upward mobility within the organization
•    Add value to the PNU:
- Work within the PNU community, and at a national and international level to impact PNU-wide strategic initiatives, strategic research directions and policies
- Improve recruitment and retention of faculty with outstanding research profile
- Improve integration of research and education
- Improve the translation of research into the public benefit
- Increase and diversify external research funding
Support and promote inter- and multi-disciplinary research projects ​
• Respect:
- We are committed to treating each other, our partners and others we may work with, as valued colleagues, guided by transparent communication, collaboration, partnership, integrity, and respect in order to achieve institution’s common goal
- We believe that our administrative staff, academic faculty, and researchers are our most valuable asset and we recognize the dedication, expertise, creativity, and hard work among members of our center/ college
- We are committed to promoting the culture of research through continuous learning sessions to our staff and to PNU scientific community to foster a high level of expertise and provide the tools necessary for high performance
• Creativity:
- We encourage innovation, reflective thinking, flexibility, and adaptability in our work environment, in alignment with our mission to create a research-friendly environment.
• Integrity:
- We promote responsible research practice with alignment with ethical principles and compliance regulations
- We monitor and audit on-going research activities, and researchers performance to ensure compliance and protect subjects’ welfare
• Communication:
- We encourage and promote open communication both within the institution and with our partners
- We build strong relationships with existing and potential sponsors
- We support the research community in communicating their findings for policy change and for the benefit of the community and population
• Diversity:
- We value and welcome a diversity of staff; administrative, academic, and research, as an organization is enriched by a multitude of perspectives and experiences
• Quality:
- We are committed to developing a range of resources and strategies designed to provide the highest level of quality services possible to the research community that position the College of Dentistry, therefore, PNU research program for a successful future
• Support:
- We support researchers by being responsive, proactive, and innovative.
- We are committed to supporting the research effort at the College of Dentistry and PNU, balancing services, and compliance in a mutually beneficial approach
Administrative affairs:
The department handles administrative matters and ensures that the research center management is in regulatory compliance

Committee and council management office:
This department handles administrative and technical matters related to research-related committees and scientific council activities.

Research management office:
This department offers plans, management, and service of scientific research. Specifically, this department is in charge of planning, promoting, and integrating academic research and development. The department is focused on promoting the cooperation of teaching, research, and learning. By applying both internal and external resource, we actively promote the improvement of academic research levels, expand academic exchanges and encourage the transformation of research achievements, hence enhance the academic performance of the college

Target audience:
• Academic and clinical staff
• Researchers
• Interns and students

Funded projects:​
• 2017-date

Project name​Type of fund program sponsored by Deanship of scientific research
Education research in dentistry in collaboration with Prof. Nadeen KarimbuxVisiting scholar program
Type 2 Diabetes and Oral health among Saudi population in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: A controlled cross-sectional StudyResearch Grant program

​Research promotion activities:
• Annual Dental Research day
• Series of lectures
• Series of workshop
• Partnership and collaboration
- Memorandum of understanding with King Saud University College of dentistry​

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