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  • - To refine students' experiences and various design and technical skills.
  • - To gain and develop knowledge in interior design skills and technologies necessary to practice the profession.
  • - To gain and develop knowledge in materials and raw materials with their various applications in the interior design.
  • - To develop the required communication skills in interior design field.
  • - To encourage students to participate globally.



Creative scientific excellence for achieving professional innovative designs and appropriate to the local environment and culture.



Providing an academic environment in which graduates gain knowledge and skills and be qualified to practice the interior design.



  • - Create an educational environment that encourages creativity in interior design.
  • - Provide graduates with academic and professional qualifications in the interior design field.
  • - Keep up with modern approaches in the field of specialism according to the values of society.
  • - Build academic and professional partnerships.
  • - Support and motivate students and faculty members in scientific research field.
  • - Emphasize the local identity and the cultural heritage through curricula and scientific research in interior design.


Academic Degrees granted by the Department:

Bachelor's Degree in Art and Design, major of Interior Design.


Study System:

Study in the College of Art and Design adopts the unit-based study system (accredited units). Study plans for scientific departments have been developed to be equivalent to eight semesters.


Language of Study:

The Arabic language and 85% of specialized courses are taught in English.  Bachelor's study plan in Interior Design Department consists of (130) accredited units divided as follows:

  • - The University requirements: 18 units
  • - The College requirements (Mandatory): 35 units
  • - Major-based requirements (Mandatory): 62 units
  • - Optional requirements (the Department): 9 units
  • - Free courses: 6 units

T​otal: 130 study units.


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