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The Department of Physical Sports Sciences was established following the approval of the Committee of the Higher Education Council to transfer the faculty members of the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences from the College of Home Economics at Princess Nourah bint AbdulRahman University to the College of Education (Letter of the Minister of Education of 27 -1-1440 AH).

The department contributes to achieving the 2030 vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by preparing female qualified cadres who hold bachelor's degrees in sports sciences.

Female graduates can work in career opportunities that Saudi society needs such as schools, fitness and health centers, sports marketing, sports media and sports facility management. This would raise the awareness level in the society of the importance of sports and physical activities for Saudi women.


●       The Department of Physical Sports Sciences offers a bachelor's program in Sports Sciences and Physical Activity


The department focuses on providing students with the knowledge, skills, values and trends needed that include a deep understanding of scientific and practical methods required for the application of motion skills to develop practitioners in sports with a variety of physical, cognitive, social, and emotional aspects.