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The Department of Educational Planning and Management is one of the oldest departments in the College of Education at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University. It has a distinguished presence in the journey of the college and the university at the level of teaching, scientific research and community service. Many of the department members participated in the presenting several workshops and training programs. Other members participated as consultants to several academic councils at the university. Some members contributed to writing the strategic plan of the college and the university. The majority of department members participated in the college and university various committees and summer programs.

The Department of Educational Planning and Management began its academic activity as a separate department in 1427 AH when Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman was founded. The Department used to be one of the tracks under the name of “Department of Education and Psychology". Since its establishment, the Department has undergone many developmental stages. One of its main outcomes is the approval of its Master's programs: knowledge Management, Educational Leadership, and Total Quality in Education (under process). Through which, the department aims to improve the educational administrative work and prepare qualified educational leaders scientifically and professionally to manage educational organizations and institutions efficiently and effectively. It seeks to achieve the maximum aspirations of the educational process in line with the knowledge economy and 2030 Vision. The Department also provides an elective course for the Foundation Year, which is offered as a free course for the rest of the university's colleges.