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The award committee

The award committee is formed by a decision of the Dean of the College as an annual committee under the name of "The College of Education Award Committee for Excellence."


Tasks of the Committee:


●       Receiving the files of applicants for the award and ensuring that the files meet the nomination requirements in accordance with the award criteria

●       Evaluating the nominees' files in light of the selection criteria, and determining the winners in each award category


●       Recommending the names of the winners and passing them to the Dean of the College

●       Submitting the evaluation results to the Dean of the College

●       Studying and expressing opinion on all topics referred to the committee related to the award

●       Determining the conditions and procedures for awarding the award

●       Holding meetings to discuss developments and follow-up matters related to awarding the award; Provided that the meetings are documented in ad hoc minutes, and submitted to the Dean of the College for approval

●       Presenting awareness-raising workshops on the award, its stages and criteria, using appropriate means


Award application procedures


Each candidate sends her nomination file to the award committee after completing all requirements to the email: