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Award Objectives

​●       The main objective of the award is to raise the level of performance of the college and its affiliates and to elevate them to the ranks of distinguished colleges locally and internationally, through:


●       Appreciating and highlighting the distinguished practices in the College of Education at Princess Nourah Bint AbdulRahman University, highlighting achievements and stimulating educational and administrative performance.


●       Spreading the culture of excellence, creativity, commitment, quality and mastery.


●       Appreciating the faculty and staff of the college and highlighting their achievements, efforts, and distinction to advance academic, educational and administrative work.


●       Encouraging positive and commendable competition between faculty members and striving for creativity, distinction and achievement.


●       Encouraging students to achieve scientific achievement and creativity, and to participate in the service of the university and society, and to appreciate, reward and encourage the distinguished ones.


●       To fuel the spirit of competition between female students who desire distinction and creativity, to honor them, and to urge them to obtain scientific awards.


●       Activating college agencies, educational departments and administrative offices for evaluation mechanisms for members of the educational and administrative staff, and working to improve their performance.


●       Motivating faculty members to use modern educational practices to achieve excellence in teaching performance.