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About the award

College of Education at Princess Nourah Bint AbdulRahman University aims to raise the level of the college's performance and stimulate the performance of its employees, hence,  it has paid great attention to faculty members and support cadres from administrations in alignment with the university's efforts aimed at establishing a culture of excellence and creativity. The College of Education's initiative in launching the College's Excellence Award “Mumayyun" was a reference point for honoring and appreciating the distinguished faculty members. The award aims mainly to motivate competition, and develop and build the capabilities of the faculty members. It is an annual award that is subject to criteria in evaluating female candidates



The award includes four main categories:


●       Distinguished University Professor category

●       Distinguished Administrative staff Category

●       Distinguished educational department category

●       female students' list (dean's honorary list)





 Support and encourage distinguished people in all areas.




 Appreciating the efforts of everyone belonging to the College of Education at Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman University, and creating a positive competitive environment that supports excellence and creativity in a way that achieves the mission of the college and the university.