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Field Training


Field Training Competitive Advantage

The College of Education provides training for female students is in the early stages of education to raise their level of qualification link them to the labor market.

       Field Training Unit

●       Enhancing communication between the College of Education and the Ministry of Education and other institutions in order to receive trainees and enable them to achieve effective training

●       Strengthening the links between the various parties participating in the training process inside and outside the university in order to design and implement field experiences

●       Contributing to gain field experiences and field training for university candidates

●       Facilitating the collection of key evaluation tools data in field experiences and field training

●       Holding workshops inside the College of Education to prepare students for field training

●       Preparing a field training guide that includes the objectives of field training in the College of Education and the tasks of each of the educational supervisors and cooperating teachers in which the procedures for preparing and implementing field training programs are discussed

●       Agreement with the e-learning unit to start activating the electronic registration system for field training

●       Communicating with the appropriate training authorities in order to identify training opportunities in the training authorities, as requirements are sent to each section of the training authorities and the training opportunities available to the college students are determined

●       Communicating with  the training authorities



Field Training Unit Forms

         A trainee student form

         Field training plan form

         Training approval application form

         Attendance and departure form

         Field Training Entity Inventory Table Template

         Field visit report form

Field training in educational departments

Department of Special Education

Department of Curriculum and Teaching Methods

Department of Psychology


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