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Nourah Think Tanks

Nourah Think Tanks focus on providing advisory services, research, training, and community partnerships that develop free and creative thinking of individuals through the development of talents, creativity and technology.


The College of Education has three think tanks: consultation and professional development think tank, the digital think tank , and the think tank of talents.

They aim to:

- Transforming scientific knowledge into effective results through the investment of expertise and advisory services

 - Promoting partnerships between the College of Education and beneficiaries from the society

- Providing the highest quality of scientific services, research and advisory studies in all disciplines

- Providing the opportunity for faculty members at the College of Education to provide scientific, advisory and training services

- Creating opportunities to develop students' technical and creative skills

- Investing and developing the capacity and potential of the college and university resources



The Consultation and Professional Development Think Tank is a specialized group that provides services and initiatives for the educational field. It has a group of experts who support many sectors with consultations , research and training services.


 The Digital Think Tank is a specialized group in technology and artificial intelligence which aims to establish a digital innovative environment that can enrich the learning experience for learners and instructors.


The Think Tank of Talents is a specialized group which focuses on creativity in many areas such as photography, Arabic calligraphy, fine arts and crafts. It provides a supportive environment for the talents who can work with professionals in various fields.

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The Consultation and Professional Development Think Tank

The Digital Think Tank

The Think Tank of Talents

Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University

College of Education

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