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academic affairs
College Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

 Brief about the agency:

The Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs and its various departments and units is one of the important pillars of the College of Education aiding in the achievement of the vision and mission of the College with regard to educational affairs. It is concerned with developing plans and educational and training programs in accordance with the highest scientific and professional standards. The agency also monitors the progress of the educational process and supervises the tasks related to educational affairs in the College of Education in terms of implementing the rules and regulations within the college, in pursuit of upgrading educational programs and achieving excellence in teaching and learning.


Affiliate units:

1.          Department of Quality of Teaching and Learning.

2.          Department of Educational Affairs, which includes:

  • Registration Unit.
  • Schedules Unit.
  • Academic Advising Unit.
  • Transfer and Equivalency Unit.
  • Exam Processes Unit.
  • Records and Documents for Previous Plans Unit.
  • Center for Coping and Automatic Correction of Exams.

3.          Department of laboratories and learning resources, which includes:

    • Laboratory Unit.

4.           E-learning Unit.

5.           Educational Process Follow-up Unit.

6.           Collaborators Unit.


To contact the College Vice Dean for Academic Affairs:


Ext.: 22277-22450