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Field Training

Department LevelDurationHow to register?Training Places
Special Education DepartmentField Training - Autism track3 monthsAn electronic questionnaire distributed from the first semester + an introductory meeting at the beginning of the second semester


Prince Faisal bin Fahd's mother center

Prince Nasser Center for Autism

Child Development Center, King Abdullah University Hospital

Autism Center at Prince Sultan Military Medical City

  Day care center for autism

Rehabilitation Pioneers Center

Imprint day care center

Comprehensive Center of Excellence

  New Generation Hope Schools

Communication Steps Center

Human Development Center

International Rehabilitation Team Center

Pioneer Opinions Center

Autism Center (North)

  Autism Center (West)

Oasis Day Care Center

Field Training - Learning Difficulties Track

learning difficulties

School B 402

School B 384

B River Riyadh School

  B City Academic School

School B 435

School B 68

School B 439

School B 227

School B 195

School B 103

B first school

School B 339

  School B 208

School B 134

  School B 81

School B 55

School B 308

Field Experience 5 - Autism2 MonthsElectronic questionnaireNorth Autism Center + West Autism Center
Field Experience 5 - Learning Difficulties  School B 208 + School B 344
   Field Experience 4 - Autism  Amal Al-Jeel Schools + Innovation Schools
  Field Experience 4 - Learning DifficultiesSchool B 266 + School B 81
  Field Experience 3 - AutismOasis Day Care Center
  Field Experience 3 - Learning DifficultiesSchool B 221
2-year field experience (pre-specialty)School B 221
1-year field experience (pre-specialty)School B 221