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Vice Dean of Academic Affairs

The Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs at the English Language Institute with its departments and units are one of the pillars of the English Language Institute that aims to achieve the vision and mission of the Institute.

The Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs is concerned with supervising the progress of the academic process and creating an enabling educational environment for the development of educational and training plans and programs in accordance with the highest quality standards.


Tasks of the Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs:

- Preparing the annual plan of the institute and following up on its implementation after its approval.

- Implementing the regulations and rules of the learning and examinations for the undergraduate stage and ensure their application by their units and departments.

- Supervising academic programs at the Institute.

- Supervising the progress of the academic process at the Institute and creating an enabling educational environment for distinguished education.

-Proposing new programs at the Institute or developing existing programs in coordination with academic departments and following up on their implementation after their accreditation.

- Supervising the follow-up of the quality management system application and complying the accreditation standards.

Departments and units subordinate to them:

1. The Department of Educational Affairs and its affiliated units: the Academic Support Unit, the Registration and Schedules Unit, the Writing Center, the Learning and Extracurricular Unit, and the Electronic and Academic Records Unit.

2- E-Learning Department.

3. Managing the quality of teaching and learning and its subsequent units: Curriculum Unit, Examination Unit, Examination Progress Unit, Quality Assurance Unit.

4. Managing laboratories and learning resources and their subordinate units: Academic Technical Support Unit.

5- Professional Development Unit.