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Extra-curricular activities at the Learning and Resources Unit


The Learning and Resources Unit offers extracurricular activities and supervises English Enrichment Club at the ELI. It oversees a number of activities and events that are run in a fun environment to enhance language learning and practice and equip learners with needed skills including transferable skills.


The Enrichment Club Mission:

To empower students to play an active role in decision-making related to their English language education, encourage learners' autonomy, develop critical thinking skills and other competencies. It also showcases and recognizes learners' talents and unique abilities. 


The Enrichment Club aims to develop learners'

  • language proficiency indirectly
  • knowledge of fields such as arts, sports, media, literature and theater throughout different activities
  • self-confidence, leadership skills, computer skills as most activities are students-led
  •  time management and organizational skills.