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Frequentiy Asked Questions


1-     Placement Test:

For more information view the file below.

   English Placement Test.png 


2-     Course Exemption & Equivalency:

For more information have a look at the file below.

For English course equivalency: student needs to contact her faculty to check if she can be exempted from the English requirement course, or if she has an equivalent English credit.



3-     Change/Swap Sections or Classes:

A student with a valid reason may request a section change. The request needs to be sent to the Academic Support Unit (ASU). ASU will review the request and look for vacancies in other sections. The approval of the request is subject to the availability. A student's request may be denied if there are no available seats.


4-     Program & Levels:

The program in ELI follows The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). ELI is applying CEFR standards in learning, teaching, and assessment. The program is divided into three main levels:

  • A (A1, A2) for beginners/elementary.
  • B (B1, B2) for intermediate/upper-intermediate.
  • C (C1, C2) for advanced/proficiency.

5-     ELI Courses & Special programs:

For more information contact us at:


6-     Professional Development Courses (for workers):

For registration and more information contact us at:   


7-     Extracurricular Activates:

For mor information view the file below.

     Extra-curricular activities.png


Academic Accreditation:

English Language Institute (ELI) at Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University (PNU) is an accredited member of Eaquals. ELI is the first institute under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education to be recognized and accredited by Eaquals. Therefore, ELI adheres to the highest international standards of language learning & teaching. The program at ELI meets Eaquals standards for language learning/teaching in all aspects, including but not limited to:

Academic administration, curriculum & program, quality control, assessments, resources, qualified staff and use of technology.



ELI Newsletter:

The ELI newsletter aims to provide both employees and external members with information on activities and accomplishments taking place within the ELI. It is a monthly published newsletter. It circulates electronically via emails, LinkedIn page and ELI website.