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Professional Development Unit

Professional Development Courses are qualitative courses provided for the institute staff to satisfy its needs and requirements and for the development of the educational practices and their management.


Types of these courses are varied and specifies according to the multiple needs of the departments inside the English Language Institute.


Many of these training courses are provided to help developing faculty members in the institute, boosting their skills and improving their abilities to ensure they are updated with the latest international educational practices in the field of language teaching.

-Providing training courses and training workshops in various fields of professional development for faculty members at the English Language Institute that contribute to developing and training language teachers in line with modern and innovative trends in the field of English language teaching.

- Designing specialized English language programs and courses for professional development purposes and launching them, such as IELTS test preparation courses - free English language training programs for university employees from members of the educational and administrative staff.

- Preparing and supervising summer programs

 For Professional Development Courses, please click on the photo:

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